Air quality

Inverclyde Council has a duty under the Environment Act to review and assess the air quality in Inverclyde. This is done in relation to seven key pollutants which have an impact on human health. The levels are measured against national standards.

Since the introduction of statutory reviews and assessments in 1998, none of the seven pollutants in Inverclyde have been above the national objective. We currently monitor levels of nitrogen dioxide(NO2) using passive diffusion tubes which are located throughout the area.

We have an Automatic Air Quality Monitor which continuously records the levels of NO2, and particulate matter (PM10.). This unit is currently located in Greenock on the A8, between Ratho Street and the roundabout at McDonald's restaurant. The data from this site, along with data from other Scottish local authorities, is available on the Scottish Air Quality website (see link on this page). This site gives up to date information on the current air quality throughout Scotland.

Originally the automatic monitor was located in Dunlop Street near the roundabout on Inverkip Road, Greenock. It is proposed to move the unit to a new location in Gourock Park at the Larkfield Road junction sometime in 2017. This will ensure we get data from a number of key sites and make best use of the equipment we have.

Data from all of our monitoring sites have consistently shown that Air Quality Objectives are being met for all measured pollutants.

There are nine smoke control areas in Inverclyde, which cover the east end of Greenock from Sinclair Street eastwards and all of Port Glasgow. Only smokeless fuel can be used in these areas.

Smoke Control Areas
Smoke Control Areas within Inverclyde (also available as download on this page)

Safer & Inclusive Communities service also deal with complaints regarding smoke from bonfires whether they are on domestic or commercial premises.  If you have a complaint of this nature or would like any further information on air quality assessment in Inverclyde then please contact the Customer Service Centre at the details on this page.

Page last updated: 2 April 2015